Time is a Slutting

"Time is a slut, she screws everyone" - John Green.

These pictures bring interest. Take your time. Stay if you want. -Me

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Chorus Funding


Hey guys, I need help! The yearly cost of chorus this year is going to be $540. This is my senior year of high school costs are adding up and in a single parent home the budget is getting tight. Singing has been something I’ve always loved to do and I want to do it my last year of high school but I’m scared I might not afford it. Please take a look at this online store because a portion of the cost goes to funding for chorus! Thanks


Paintings by Wyatt Mills

Wyatt Mills on You Tube

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Tengo unos amigos estupendosos que me han regalado este reloj tan asdfghjklñ Y YO ME MUERO ES GENIAL YO YA NO. #Clock #Watch #Time #Mathematics #Equations #Trigonometry #Fractions #Square

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keeping track doesn’t always work